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Mining Dewatering

ITT recognizes that the importance and extent of mine dewatering varies greatly and can range from a single pump back station at a sump to complicated dewatering schemes involving dozens of dewatering wells pumping several thousand gallons per minute. For open pit or underground mining dewatering, ITT can help.
  • Face and Stage Dewatering

    Face and Stage Dewatering

    For face and stage dewatering, ITT can offer you a wide range of knife gate valves.
  • Main Drainage

    Main Drainage

    Main drainage is the process in which surplus water that is not wanted in the underground mine is pumped up to the surface. ITT has pumps designed for high-pressure services including: boiler feed, reverse osmosis, shower service, pressure boosting, plus much more.
  • Active Dewatering

    Active Dewatering

    Active dewatering means lowering the water table outside the mining area in order to prevent ground water from entering it. Deep wells are drilled and submersible borehole pumps are installed.

    ITT provides borehole pumps ranging from 4" to 12" diameter for a variety of capacity requirements.
  •  Slurry Pumping

    Slurry Pumping

    ITT provides a variety of pumping solutions for transferring highly abrasive slurries. Heavy-duty horizontal pumps from Goulds (models 5500 and SRL) are available for tough slurry pumping applications.
  • Sludge/Slurry Removal - Raft Drainage

    Sludge/Slurry Removal - Raft Drainage

    Seepage and rainwater is pumped out from the bottom of the pit using high-head drainage pumps, preferably mounted on top or suspended from underneath a single float or raft. If the solids content in this water is high, end suction or submersible slurry pumps are recommended for the drainage operation.

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